The three chi: heaven chi, human chi, earth chi

The Three Chi or Energies

Mankind lives between the Heavens and the Earth. The three energies or chi are that of the Heavens, that of Man, and that of the Earth. It is the coming together of all three that make us what we are.

Heavens Chi

This is how the intangible influence our of the passing of time influences our lives; in other words, astrology.

Human Chi

This is the influence of our own internal energy; our ambitions, our determination, our intentions and goals. This is what drives us forward as individuals.

Earth Chi

This is how the world that surrounds us influences our lives. Feng Shui in its simplest form is the study of earth chi.

The three chi

 Bringing it together

In your Feng Shui consultation, it is the influence of your surroundings on your situation that is of prime concern, and how your surroundings can be altered to support you and your ambitions much better. Your astrology will also be taken into account, and sometimes a specific date will be calculated to carry out certain changes in your environment; this makes the most of both Heaven and Earth chi.

Feng Shui supports your own human chi; you still need to keep your focus on what you want to achieve, and take your own steps to get there. When the best of Heaven, Human and Earth chi come together, then things can make good progress.