Chinese astrology: acknowledges the importance of Time

Chinese Astrology

Why astrology?

Because time and space go together and both have their influence on people. A good environment and good timing are things that everyone knows are helpful. Astrology can help people to get the best advantage from good timing. 

Chinese Astrology

This system of astrology grew totally independently of the western system that we are all so used to. In the same way that Feng Shui itself provides a different view of the same world, so the Chinese astrological system provides a different view of how people can be influenced by the chi of the heavens, or in other words the chi of time.  

The five elements

The same five elements that are used to evaluate space, are also used to evaluate time. The two types of analysis fit very nicely together; this is why in a feng shui consultation it is helpful and appropriate to include astrology. 

The Chinese New Year

There are three different points that can be used to define the new year in the Chinese system, which can often lead to some confusion: 

  • The winter solstice around 21st December.
  • The beginning of Spring around 4th February.
  • The official Chinese New Year, which happens on the second new moon after the winter solstice. The date can vary between January and February.

The choice of new year that a Chinese astrologer takes depends on the system that is being used.


The two common forms of Chinese astrology used in feng shui


Nine star ki

This system is based on the magic square which in its original form has all rows, columns and diagonals adding to 15.

These numbers move around the square on a yearly and monthly basis, giving rise to what is know as flying stars. Each number takes on one of the characteristics of the five elements. Analysis is done by looking at the numbers when people were born and seeing how they interact with present day numbers.

People fall into one of 81 different categories or profiles using this system, so it provides a interesting but somewhat limited view of things.

the magic square

The Four Pillars or Ba Zi

This is one of the more popular Chinese astrological systems. An individual is represented by 8 characters (ba zi means 8 characters), arranged into four columns (pillars). There are nearly 30 million different versions of chart arrangement, so much more information can be derived from its analysis. The Chinese animal signs are part of this system.

In this system also, each character on the chart takes on the characteristics of one of the five elements, and analysis is done based on the way the elements interact with each other, and with the characteristics of the current day patterns.

In Mikes feng shui consultation, it is usually the four pillars system that he uses.

the magic square