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Feng Shui and Clutter

The Feng Shui Showroom

Feng Shui and Clutter

Feng Shui and Clutter

What is clutter?

A space is considered to be cluttered when it is so full of “stuff”, that it is no longer able to serve its intended purpose.

Sad to say, my garage pictured above, as it was some years ago is a fine example of clutter: no way could I use the garage either to park my car, or to use as a workshop. It was so full of the remnants of past projects that it was impossible to move around and work within it.

There are many other examples that I might mention: hallways that are so full of “stuff” that they prevent the doors being opened and people walking though the space; bedrooms where the bed is squeezed in amongst a sea of other “stuff”; a kitchen where there is no room to cook a meal any more. The list goes on and on.

When a space is just untidy is not necessarily cluttered. We all tend to get untidy from time to time. 

Why is clutter important from a Feng Shui perspective?

Because clutter can slow down or restrict or stop the effective flow of chi or natural energy. If our flow of chi is poor, life itself can slow down and can lead to a sense of being stuck. The more clutter that builds up, the more yin the environment tends to become.

Our own physical energy flow

We take in food energy through our mouth. As we digest it the goodness is extracted to keep us going, and finally the waste is ejected. If the natural flow doesn’t happen and we can’t get rid of the waste, then problems arise and eventually we stop working. The proper flow of nourishment both in and out is essential.

Energy flow in life

Our life energy or chi needs to keep flowing in a similar way. As we go through life we acquire all sorts of ”stuff”. As time moves on, our interests, tastes and needs change, and the things that were an important part of our past life no longer play the same role. When things are no longer in use they need to be moved on, otherwise they just clog up the workings of life.

  • That book that you bought 20 years ago to help your son pass his exams; now it’s just sitting in the garage turning yellow; it’s doing nothing to help you now, nor is it ever likely to help you in the future. This is clutter and it’s best cleared out.
  • The old boiler that is still at the bottom of the garden; it’s never going to be useful again; get rid of it.
  • That tea set that Aunt Sally bought for you 30 years ago; you didn’t like it, have never used it and will never use it; it’s just getting in the way; let it go.

The benefits of clearing clutter

Clearing out clutter creates space for the things you want to come in. When your clutter is removed, then your life system can start to function more freely – your chi starts flowing again.

DIY or Free Feng Shui

If you’re looking for a way to improve your own Feng Shui, the best thing to try as a starting place, is to clear your clutter; you’ll be surprised at how it can sometimes make a big difference.