If we could see it, chi might look a bit like this

The Chi of Feng Shui

What is Chi?

Chi (sometimes written as Qi) is the invisible and immeasurable energy field that surrounds us. Chi is the fundamental energy that drives the processes of nature and life itself.

Alternatively we might see chi as simply information or data – the model by which the world works. Consider the amount of data that would describe your local café right down to its last detail – it would be overwhelming, but not mysterious.

We all experience and read the Chi of the world around us to a limited extent as we go about our day to day business. To read into that vast array of information to figure out how a part of it is working is the work of a feng shui consultant.

Good Quality Chi

The quality of chi that people absorb chi from their environment, influences the kind of life they lead. Everyone aspires to improve their quality of chi by living in as good a place as they can.

Improving Chi Quality

A Feng Shui consultant would aim to show how to do this during a consultation. Getting rid of blockages, clearing clutter, improving roads, pathways and doorways can all help to improve chi. The same ideas also apply on a much bigger scale:

  • Building railways allows chi to flow better; the flow that they create give people and business a better chance to thrive. We all know what happens when the railways stop running.
  • Traffic jams cost business a lot of money and cause frustration for everyone. Widening roads and improving traffic flow is effectively improving the flow of chi; when traffic flows better, everyone benefits.

People can often sense the quality of chi.

  • If you walk into a room when an argument has just finished most people can sense the tension; this is a certain quality of chi.
  • You like going to one cafe, the other one you don’t; the difference is the chi. It comes from the environment itself and the people in it.
  • There are times when you don’t feel safe walking down the street; you are sensing the chi of the area.

Measuring and Sensing Chi

Feng Shui methods provide an indication of the quality of chi. In traditional or classical Feng Shui styles such as the Chue style, a practitioners own ability to sense chi is just one aspect of an analysis that also includes the study of Form, the Chinese Compass and Chinese Astrology.

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