Feng Shui is a study of how people are influenced by the environment around them.

What is feng shui – feng shui explained

Feng shui is a vast and complex subject with many different facets. To gain a good overview of what it is and how it all works, let Mike lead you on a guided tour.


Take the feng shui tour:

Let Mike tell the story of feng shui from his own pragmatic engineer’s perspective.

During the feng shui tour:

Mike will introduce you to the basic underlying ideas surrounding feng shui, answering questions such as:

  • what is feng shui?
  • where did feng shui come from?
  • how does feng shui work?
  • how can feng shui help us?

The tour goes on to focus on many of the building blocks of the feng shui system, such as CHI, yin and yang, and the five elements.

Mike shows how it all comes together to create a fascinating system that has the potential to help us improve our life experience.

The tour ends in the Feng Shui Showroom where you can browse an ever growing collection of feng shui related methods and ideas.

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So climb aboard and join Mike for the feng shui tour.

Feng Shui Tour

Feng Shui Tour :
Stop 1

The key ideas behind feng shui

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This Stop in a Nutshell


What is the purpose of feng shui?

Feng shui is a technique that can help us enhance our quality of life.

Where does feng shui come from?

Feng shui originated in China some five thousand years ago. Hence the rather odd sounding name. We don’t have a good English translation.

How does feng shui work?

Feng shui is an astonishing system which takes its own particular view of the way our lives are influenced by the environments in which we spend our time.

If we can understand just how the ever-present influence of our environment affects us, then we can use that knowledge to engineer our environment so it supports us better.

Just consider how life might change as you moved your home from one of these two places to the other.


As we are all aware...

Mankind has been engineering his environment to improve life quality ever since mankind was invented. So… 

What makes feng shui so different?


Evironmental engineering with a difference.

As we are all well aware, mankind has been engineering his environment to improve life quality ever since mankind was invented. So, what makes feng shui different?

Feng shui considers how environment  plays a part in the various aspects of our lives, such as our relationships, health, wealth and many many more. Feng shui builds a view of the world using its own unique perspective based on the observation and understanding of a wonderful thing called CHI.


The power of a different perspective.

When we see things from a different perspective, all kinds of new possibilities to make improvements may well become apparent that hadn’t been seen before. 

The perspective created by understanding CHI.

Understanding CHI  allows us to “read between the lines” of the physical world that surrounds us, to gain an insight into how the hidden influences of what is clear to see, can be affect our lives.

When we use feng shui to improve a place, we set out to change or improve its CHI.


How can feng shui help us?

Whatever we do in life, we are always surrounded by an environment.

Therefore, there is always scope to use feng shui techniques to show how an environment might be altered or improved to better support the goals and ambitions of a person, family, business or organisation who are within its influence.

Wherever we are, we are always surrounded by our environment
Wherever we are, we are always surrounded by our environment

Where does feng shui fit in with modern life?

Feng shui is but one system within a multitude of tools, strategies, methods, therapies, disciplines, and techniques that we might use to enhance our own position, or to gain an advantage or betterment in life, whether that be in health, finance, career, family etc.

Stop 1 : In a Nutshell

  • Feng shui can help us to improve our quality of life.
  • It studies how people can be influenced by the places they inhabit.
  • It came from ancient China.
  • It is based on an understanding of CHI.

That's all very well, but what on earth is CHI?

If you would care to move on to stop 2 of the feng shui tour, I will tell you about this fascinating thing called CHI and how we can begin to understand and use it.

Other stops on the feng shui tour

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