What is feng shui? Feng shui explained.

The lives of everyone are influenced by the places in which they live and work.

If you are not already convinced, read on:

The bigger picture: life on earth

Life as we know it, only exists on the earth because of the coming together of a number of favourable factors. Without these favourable conditions, life just would not exist. The larger environment undoubtedly has a big effect on our lives.

The wider environment

A child born into the middle of Africa, or the arctic territories of Northern Canada will live very different lives to one born in the leafy suburbs of London. Everything is different: opportunities; lifestyle; expectations; health; wealth etc. The wider environment clearly plays a huge role in the life we lead.

Extinction of animal species

We hear all the time of animal species being in danger of extinction due to changes in environment. When environment changes, so does life.

Wealth and prosperity

Governments spend a small fortune trying to improve infrastructure because it leads to a growth in prosperity. As a result of ongoing development, residents of the more developed countries in the world are much more wealthy than typically their parents and grandparents were before them. When a town is flattened by a natural disaster, where once stood homes and thriving businesses, all we see now is a sea of rubble and devastation. Its residents will no longer be so prosperous now that the basis for driving that prosperity is gone. “Well that’s obvious!” I hear you say, and I agree: but it is also a direct effect of the change in the physical environment.

Everywhere we look, environment influences the lives of people.

It is unrealistic to think that this effect somehow stops when we are in our own home or workplace. The places where we spend our time will certainly play a part in the lives we lead.

If we can understand how that influence works...

…then logically, we can engineer our places to create the influences that are better for us.

Feng shui studies the influences that places have on people.

It then shows how our places can be modified to create more of the beneficial influences we want in our lives.
Feng shui gives us an advantage in life, through the engineering of our places.

Creating the feng shui view

To make a feng shui evaluation of a situation we need to understand its CHI, which is a collection of every possible piece of information that exists about it.

Somewhere within that mass of data there will be key indicators that can build the picture we need to see. It is a bit like a detective trying to solve a case, putting together the important clues, and letting go of the rest.

If we try to understand everthing about all the CHI, then we go into information overload: it all just looks like an impossible mess.

If we try to look directly at chi, it can look like a confusing mess.

Using feng shui filters

To help make sense of the CHI, we look at it in different ways by introducing a kind of filter. The filters help us to see the relevant information and are in fact the methods that a consultant has learned to use.

Here are some examples:

The form filter

We might use a form filter as one method of looking at a situation. The physical form and layout can give us indications as to what is going on and how the CHI is behaving.

In this example, we might note that the tree could be a potential cause of difficulty.

If we try to look directly at chi, it can look like a confusing mess.

The compass filter

Another filter we might use is the Chinese compass. These highly sensitive devices come with many different possible filters built in, and can be used to indicate all kinds of things about the CHI.

In the example here, using the compass filter suggests that the tree that we saw a moment ago, may well be connected with the health of the household.

The compass can show all kinds of things about the CHI

The astrology filter

One other filter that might be brought into use relates to astrology. This is not to try and tell anyones fortune, but rather to see how they might interact with the CHI of particular situation.

We might see for example, as in this case, that it is just one of the family member who is likely to be influenced by any unhelpful influences that the tree might be having.

With the astrology filter, we see how individual family members might be influenced by the environment

Some of the tools and methods from the feng shui tool kit

the Chinese compass

The Chinese Compass

So much more than just a compass. The Chinese compass embodies a multitude of methods for evaluating CHI. More…

the Chinese compass

The Three Chi

Mankind lives between the heavens and the earth. giving rise to the three chi.  More…

the Chinese compass

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are the two opposites of any situation.  More…

the Chinese compass

The Five Elements

The five elements is one of the basic ideas used within the feng shui system.  More…

the Chinese compass

Physical Form

The pysical form of the landscape around us is far more important than most of us might think. More…

the Chinese compass

Chinese Astrology

Astrology helps us to evaluate the influence of the fourth dimension. More…

Putting it all together

By using different methods to filter the view, we can gain a meaningful insight into what is a highly complex and confusing picture,

Well trained and experienced consultants will have many methods they might use to filter their view, and can so build a better overall picture

Creating improvements

Once the feng shui view is clear enough, recommendations can be made that will help to change the CHI in favour of a clients’ wishes.