What clients say – some of Mike’s feng shui testimonials

Over the years, Mike has worked with many different people in many different circumstances both at home and in business. Here are some of the things they have said:

Mike Chester works miracles yet again!!

I recently had my house on the market and despite it being lovingly renovated I had only had 1 viewing in 6 months!   I contacted Mike Chester and asked if he could help. I immediately set to work and with great faith implemented all his recommendations.  Within 2 weeks some people were passing by my house, came in for an unplanned tour and within the hour had made a full price offer.
Now this would normally be a ‘WOW’ for the short time frame his ‘magic’ worked, but to make this even more amazing I have to add that this was the 3rd time I had turned to Mike in a moment of need and on both the previous occasions his remedies had also worked within the same 2-week time frame!!  I can’t promise the same would happen for everyone but I certainly am indebted to Mike for all his wisdom and advice over the past 10 years.

Lyn Greaves

Your e-mail was a revelation.

I have been trying to  convince myself that this would be the case, and to hear you say it has  just confirmed that I think I must make this move. You have greatly  encouraged me, so I feel nearer to achieving my goal already.

Name Witheld

I believe very powerful things are starting to happen.

Suddenly, and quite noticeably, all sorts of  opportunities are opening up for me. But more importantly, I seem to  have lost my malaise; I feel more energized and focussed. I can  concentrate more easily and am far more optimistic that my financial  situation will turn around. I am very happy with the process.

Sarah McCloughry

Your visit has definitely saved me lots of money.

Thank you for your insight and reasoning regarding my  choice of new office; I would have certainly taken the wrong choice. I  am now much more positive in my thinking.

David Hands

Your advice is practical and valuable.

Your advice is practical and given from a positive  point of view, which makes your consultation more valuable as one can and wants to put your ideas into practice. It was clear that you really  enjoy your job of helping people, and I was impressed that you continue  to study further to enrich your source of expertise.

Name witheld

Very Professional

The consultation was carried out in an expert manner.  Mike was always considerate and thoughtful of my concerns and questions. Very realistic and down to earth. My kind of Feng Shui.

Walvinder Sian

I found the consultation very informative.

Although it didn’t give me the answer I was hoping for, it did give me advice which could potentially save us from making some  poor decisions in respect of our home. The consultation has definitely  got me thinking of alternatives to our original building plan, and I  feel much more contented as a result.

Wendy Nash

If all of this is pure coincidence I would be extremely surprised.

After we carried out Mike’s suggestions intended to  help improve our good fortune (after several years of being unfortunate  to say the least):
– Found that one of my pension schemes yielded more than expected.
– My wife has seen a significant improvement in the terms and conditions of her work.
– I have found a very satisfactory part time working opportunity.
– I have been approached by an acquaintance asking me to act as his business guru as he sets up a new business venture
– I have also been offered an opportunity to do some further interesting work.
If all of there are pure coincidence I would be extremely surprised.

Michael Martin

You must possess special powers.

Thank you for offering to come over at such short  notice, it is much appreciated. You must possess some very special  powers because within moments of knowing you were coming, Adams whole  mood lifted.

Name witheld

I am thrilled to bits.

I started to carry out Mike’s recommendations  immediately, some of which were easier than others. I was very surprised that within 10 days I had my first business enquiry, and shortly  afterwards two more followed. I am delighted to recommend Mike to  anybody who would like to instigate changes in their lives and who are  open minded enough to try Feng Shui.

Julie Giles

It was very helpful

in focusing our efforts in our  house renovation and giving us confidence that the outcome would be  positive. We refer to your report often and have shared it with the  builder and others involved with our renovation. We have also  recommended you to others.

Yvonne Gurney

And here are some other short comments.

I was very surprised

that it worked so quickly.

This home finding service

must be one of the most valuable services you provide

Thank you once again

for your immediate support

Thanks Mike,

the house feels better all ready.

I can’t believe it

but it really has worked.


Thanks you again

for your continuing, enormous, and much needed support.


I am very pleased with the outcome.