Feng shui – moving house and home

Feng shui for moving house and home: buying and selling property

Feng Shui for selling your home

Has your home been on the market for ages?

Do you really want to sell it?

Then why not try something different?

Mike’s feng shui perspective can help to get you moving.

Estate agents usually only have one tool to help a property sell, and that’s to ask you to drop the price. Of course, at some point that strategy will probably work.

If your home has been on the market for ages however, perhaps there is something else going on.

Why for example does a perfectly presentable and reconditioned home not even attract viewings, when “priced to sell” in an active market?.The answer may well be that the background energies of the property, its feng shui, are somehow blocking progress.

Feng shui looks at things from a very different perspective, and can see opportunities to help the sale that others will miss. This is why Mikes feng shui help got one house sold after six months of trying. See what the client says:

I recently had my house on the market and despite it being lovingly renovated I had only had 1 viewing in 6 months!   I contacted Mike Chester and asked if he could help. I immediately set to work and with great faith implemented all his recommendations.  Within 2 weeks some people were passing by my house, came in for an unplanned tour and within the hour had made a full price offer.

Mike’s feng shui perspective can help you to sell your home.

Talk to Mike now if your house has been stuck on the market for ages.

Feng shui for finding a new home

The best time to consider the feng shui of your new home,

is BEFORE you buy it.

A feng shui perspective can help you to choose a better home.

Not all houses are equal. Every combination of person and home is unique from a feng shui perspective. Some properties favour younger people and others favour older ones. Some properties are more supportive of good relationships and others are less so. Some properties promote health and wealth in their occupants and some are less helpful.
Do you feel uncertain about which house to choose? We often have doubts about buying a new house. We  find ourselves under pressure to commit while at the same time there is a nagging doubt that we can’t properly understand or define.

A feng shui perspective can help you make the right decision.

A Feng  Shui consultation can help to show what may be creating those doubts. It can show those houses that can suit you and your situation, and those  which you should avoid.

Mike can help you to choose home that will work better for you on an energetic, level.

Talk to Mike now about your plans to move house.