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Your feng shui consultation at home

Your home environment provides you with support in every aspect of life. It acts like a solid foundation from which other things can be built. If that foundation is sound and good, then a happy and prosperous life can be built on it. If it has weaknesses, then life can begin to suffer.

A feng shui consultation will look at those intantible background energies that help to feed your life’s ambitions, and show how your home environment might be altered to become more supportive of your wishes and desires.

Why might you consider a feng shui consultation at home?

There are any number of reasons why you might consider getting a feng shui consultation at home:

  • If you can’t make progress in a particular area of life. It might be that your career and finances are not progressing well. It could be that your relationship is not what you might want. Maybe you are having difficulty starting a family.
  • If you find that life has changed after you built that extension.
  • If you just don’t feel right about your home.

All of these issues and many more can be influenced by the place where you live.

The unexpected effects of moving house

It is not uncommon to find that following a move to a new home, people find that life takes an unexpected change in direction. This is just the effect of the energy of the home having its effect on its new occupants.

Some people of course are very lucky, and life goes exactly how they want after they have moved. These lucky people tend not to be calling for a feng shui consultation. After asking Mike to help him choose his new home, one client reported:

  • “I’ve done more productive work in the last couple of weeks than I did in the last year in my old place”.

For others, life takes a less favourable turn, and they might be saying something like:

  • “Since I moved here my partner has left me”.
  • “I’ve not been able to get a good job since I moved here; I’m sure it’s this house”.
  • “Since moving here my health has suffered”.
  • “Since I moved here I don’t feel secure”.

How can a feng shui consultation help?

Feng shui looks at how people are influenced by the places in which they live and work. Whatever the circumstances, a feng shui consultation at your home can reveal just how its energetic subtleties may be affecting your life. More to the point, it can show things can be altered to create some kind of improvement for you.

Feng shui to help with career

Is your career is not progressing as you would like? Or perhaps you feel stuck or unable to find a better job?
It could be that the background energies of your home are not helping.

If the energy of your home is working in your favour, then life can be good. If it is not helping you, then progress in life can slow down. A feng shui consultation can identify potential problems. More to the point, it can show you how to make the right changes in your surroundings to improve your career chances.

See below for some examples of how Mike’s feng shui consultation have worked in the past.

Sarah found all kinds of opportunities opening up after her Feng shui consultation.

Sarah says; “Suddenly, and quite noticeably, all sorts of opportunities are opening up for me. But more importantly, I seem to have lost my malaise; I feel more energized and focussed. I can concentrate more easily and am far more optimistic that my financial situation will turn around”.

How feng shui helped Adam to find work.

IT specialist Adam had been out of work for about three years since moving into his present house. His feng shui consultation showed that his new house did have a problem, and that it could be resolved. A few weeks after carrying out Mike’s recommendations life changed for the better and he found himself in well paid employment again.

Julie’s new career in began to move in the right direction after a feng shui consultation.

In Julie’s words; “I started to carry out Mike’s recommendations immediately, some of which were easier than others. I was very surprised that within 10 days I had my first business enquiry, and shortly afterwards two more followed”

Feng shui to help with better relationships

The feng shui characteristics of your home can have an influence on all areas of life, and your relationship is one of those.

  • If you are living alone and are trying to find a new partner, you may find that by re energizing a key part of your home, things can start to move forward.
  • If your ex keeps on coming back and creating more bother than you would like, then there may be something in the subtle energies of your home that is maintaining a strong connection.
  • If the relationship with your current partner has become noticeably difficult since you moved into your current home, then it may well be something in the new home that is creating the problem.
  • If you have split up from your partner since moving in to your current home and can’t seem to settle with someone new, then it may be your something to do with the Feng Shui characteristics of the property.

A Feng Shui Consultation can show you how to optimize your home to help bring the relationship that you would like to have.

Feng shui to help with wealth and prosperity

We all want to be wealthy.

The idea of being wealthy appeals to us all. Living in a better house, running a nice car, going on long holidays are what most of us naturally aspire to. However, feng shui is unlikely turn us into an overnight millionaire.

There is much more to wealth however than just money. Wealth is also about having no worries, and about being contented with what we have. Feng shui always seeks to make the very best opportunities out of what we have available. Making our own environment support us better can give a very satisfying sense of wealth or well being.

Generating more money

For most people it’s their career that generates their money, so often there’s a much better chance of improving cash flow if a Feng shui consultation aims to activate career as the priority.  Feng shui is unlikely to be able to help us win millions on the lottery jackpot – the chances of that happening are just too high.

Having said that, the stories below show how activating wealth energies in their home, helped two people to increase their money flow.

Better financial situation

Within just a few weeks of his Feng Shui consultation, Michael found that one of his pension plans was due to pay him more than was anticipated, and he also had other unexpected and positive things happening. All in all, his luck showed a change for the better after he put the Feng Shui recommendations in place. Read what Michael says.

More to life than money

“For the first time, I realise that there is much more to life than just money”. This comment came from a client whos working situation unexpectedly changed twice giving her two pay rises in the few months following her Feng Shui consultation.

Stopping money leaking away

Sometimes it is not generating the cash that is the most problematic for people. Sometimes people find that whatever they earn, whether it be measured in thousands or millions, seems to be gone as quickly as it arrived. It seems to be impossible for them to save anything.

In this situation, a feng shui consultation would be looking at how the environment of the home might be adjusted to stop the constant leakage of cash.

Feng shui when trying for children

Children don’t always come easily.

For many couples, having their own children is not easy. Despite there being no known medical reason and many years of trying, it just never seems to happen.

The scientific solution

While medical science looks at possible reasons for infertility from a human energy perspective, it takes no account at all of the less tangible explanations. Even then, despite all the progress that has been made, science is far from knowing all the answers.

Another possibility

Studies show that environment can affect many aspects of life even for a fully grown adult. It should not be surprising that it might have a knock on effect and influence fertility; just those few important cells at the critical time.

The Feng Shui characteristics of your home can make a difference. Sometimes, the physical features of a home can work against the production of children. A Feng Shui consultation will look to see just how your home is working in that respect, and then recommend changes that can tilt the balance more in favour of having children naturally.

Are you considering IVF?

As you will be aware, IVF is rather expensive, uncomfortable and intrusive.
On the other hand, the Feng Shui approach is much simpler less invasive and probably cheaper.
All it takes is a few hours of your time while Mike carries out a Feng shui evaluation, and then some effort on your part to make the environmental changes that may be necessary.
Feng shui has to be worth a try.

Feng shui for well being

What is well being?

Well being is about feeling good, and there are any number of things that can contribute to that feeling. One thing is for sure, when you feel good you see life in a very different way. Feeling good about yourself and about life and the things you are doing, brings enormous benefits.

Feng shui and that sense of well being

All kinds of things can contribute to a sense of well being. Better sleeping, and better general health for example.

Sometimes people just have an uncomfortable feeling about their home that they just can’t put their finger on. Over time this can cause ill effects.

Rather than try to explain them all, here are some stories and examples of how feng shui has helped some of Mike’s clients feel a heightened sense of well being.

Depression Lifted

The client in this example was obliged to move into a house that she didn’t really like; sometimes we find that happens because of the way the property market works. After moving in she felt herself moving more and more towards a state of depression. Things changed for the better after her Feng Shui consultation.

Sleeping much better

Dorothy was waking up in the middle of the night, and was not able to get back to sleep again. This left her always feeling tired and unsettled. She was really surprised when all she had to do to get a full night’s sleep was move her electric alarm clock away from the side of the bed. She did not want to believe it at first, and preferred to talk about coincidence.

Three weeks later when she was still getting a good night’s sleep she accepted that a battery operated clock would be better for her. (Note: disturbances caused by electrical fields is less likely to be a problem in more modern mains powered devices) 

I feel much more contented

In this story, the client was planning an extension to her home. At the same time she had three other issues in life concerning that gave cause for concern; health, money and her children. In the final analysis, the extension would likely have created even bigger problems with all three of the problem areas.

The feng shui consultation helped her to rethink the extension plans and feel much better about the whole thing.

Haven’t felt this good in years

After a considerable time of waking up in the morning with back pain, Wendy was surprised that the problem was dealt with using a vase of flowers. In her own words; “I can’t believe the swiftness of the result. Have not felt this good in years – forgotten what it was like”.

Sleeping much better

In this case, the client didn’t even realize that there was a sleeping problem. However, he found that by following Mike’s simple suggestions that he began to sleep much better, and of course found that he was much better able to deal with his days’ work.

I feel more energized and focussed

Following her feng shui consultation, Sarah felt herself become more energised, focussed and optimistic, and found that she could concentrate more easily.

This is how Feng Shui can help. When people feel better, they are more able to do the things they need to do.

How much does it cost for a feng shui consultation at home?

The price of a consultation depends on a number of things, including the size of your property, how far I need to travel to get to you, and what you want from the consultation.

Typically, prices will start around £325 for an Essential consultation in a smaller home,

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Your choice of feng shui consultation at home

Mike will tailor your feng shui consultation to suit your individual needs. However, he offers three packages that suit most situations which are outlined below.

Feng Shui Essential

Taking care of the basics

  • A full feng shui consultation: using the classical Chue style of feng shui.
  • An Action Checklist: listing the key improvements you need to make.
  • Support via phone or email while you carry out your Action plan.

Feng Shui Enhanced

Giving you an enhanced understanding of your feng shui

  • Everything in the Feng Shui Essential consultation.
  • Plus…
  • A full report: either written or on video, giving you an enhanced understanding of your feng shui situation.

Feng Shui Premium

When you are totally committed to creating change

  • Everything in the Essential and Enhanced consultations.
  • Plus…
  • A follow up visit to ensure that everything is as good as it can be.
  • Auspicious date selection: selecting up to three great dates for you to take key actions.
  • Best  direction calculations for all family members using Mike’s unique technique.

Distance or Remote Feng Shui

In cases where it is just not possible for Mike to visit the site personally, there may be an option to give a limited “impression” based on any information that can be viewed remotely.

This is really a last resort and should not be seen as a way of reducing the cost of a consultation.

More on distance feng shui

Before you choose a distance feng shui solution, consider the following:

  • Is it better to read about a great restaurant in a magazine article or to go and taste the food and feel the ambience for yourself?
  • Is it better to play a recording of your favourite band, or to go to one of their live concerts?
  • Is it better to buy your next home based on a few photos and a floor plan, or to walk around the building for yourself, and see how you might really live there?

It is always better to visit a place for ourselves, and the same goes for your feng shui consultant.

To properly understand the chi of a property, a consultant must experience it first hand. If you are serious about your feng shui, then alway ask your consultant to visit.

Trying to evaluate feng shui without visiting is like trying to rate a restaurant from a magazine article. It is better than nothing, but nowhere near as good as it could be. Distance feng shui should be saved for those times when an on-site visit is just not possible.

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