Feng shui for Extending, Remodelling and Building from Scratch

Feng shui for Extending, Remodelling and Building from Scratch

The very best time to think about the feng shui of your new building project, is

while your plans are still sketched on the back of a beer mat.

Great feng shui starts way before the first brick is laid

With feng shui, the bigger the scope that you can work with, the more potential you have for influencing the subtle energies of the final building. Changing the physical struture of a building, or designing a new one from scratch gives you the best opportunity to build great feng shui into the fabric of the building.

The earlier you think about the feng shui aspects of your plans, the more benefit you can get from it.

In your building project, feng shui can help you to achieve maximum potential

The feng shui process looks at the world from a very different perspective. When you see things from a different perspective, new and interesting opportunites can present themselves. A feng shui analysis looks at how people are likely to respond to whatever project you’re planning, and can show how sometimes very simple things can mean the difference between being just OK, or really successful. It can be that just a rather small thing like the position of a doorway can make all the difference.

An architect can only give you half the picture

Your architect will probably do a fine job designing a building that conforms to all the regulations, has the required number of square feet, and fits your ideas in terms of look and feel. But your architect will not be able to advise on the subtle energetic qualities of the building: the feng shui.

If you are building from scratch – your Dream Home perhaps

When you are starting with a blank canvas, then a feng fhui perspective can help you even more. From selection of the best site, to the design and placement of the building and its pathways and access roads, and much more.

It makes sense to build in the right characteristics.

Very subtle changes to designs and layouts can create quite substantial differences to the way it finally works. With the additional viewpoint provided by a professional Feng Shui analysis, you gain valuable insight into how your proposed plans are likely to affect the people who will use the facilities that you’re building, giving you the opportunity to change things for the better.

Build in better feng shui from the ground up!

Mike Chester offers a full range of Feng Shui consulting services specifically designed to help with the planning and construction of new buildings, or the extending of existing buildings. See more about your Feng Shui Consultation in building and extending.


Mike can help you to build a home that will work better for you on an energetic, level.

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