Feng shui consutation with Mike Chester
Feng shui consutation with Mike Chester

Your Feng Shui Consultation with Mike Chester

Now that you are looking for your own feng shui consultation, it is important that you find a properly trained and experienced consultant or specialist in whom you can have complete confidence.

You will find that Mike Chester offers:

  • a high quality feng shui consulting service.
  • backed up by a thorough training in the classical chue style of feng shui
  • personalised to meet your particular needs

all helping you to achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Large or small, private or business

If you are serious about getting the very best out of your environment, whether that be at home or in the business, contact Mike to see how his feng shui consultation process could work for you.

Use a feng shui perspective when making the very best of what you have, either at home or in business

Feng shui consultation at home

We are all influenced in some way by the environment that surrounds us, and that includes our home.

A feng shui consultation at home can reveal how your personal space might be optimised to best support your dreams and ambitions in life. More…

Feng shui consultation for business

The environment can make a a noticable difference to business performance, no matter whether you are running a small business or a multinational corporation.

A feng shui consultation in your busiess can reveal how your commercial space might be optimised to best support the aspriations of your company. More…

Bring a feng shui perspective when you are planning to build for a better future.

Extending, Remodelling and Building from Scratch

To give yourself the best chance of creating a good supportive environment, bring feng shui into your thinking while your plans are still in their early stages.

¬†Build in great feng shui from the ground up! More…

Commercial construction projects

A feng shui perspective can bring big advantages to a building or construction project no matter what the size. People are influenced by places, and the bigger the place, the more important it is to get the feng shui as good as it can be. More…

A feng shui consultation can work a treat when finding a better place to live, work, and prosper

Moving house and home – buying and selling

Finding a new home

One of the best chances you will ever get, to find a great new home environment. Feng shui can help you to make the right choice. More…

Selling your home

If you home has been stuck on the market for ages and no buyer is appearing, then a fresh feng shui perspective may well be able to help you get moving. More…

Business Relocation

In business relocation, a feng shui perspective can help you to choose a better place for your business to thrive.
Finding the right premises to support your business can make a huge difference to the eventual success of your venture.
There is so much more to finding a suitable office than simply counting the number of square feet it offers. More…