Success factor original research

How the feng shui of Prime Ministers and Presidents have led to a new development in the world of feng shui: the feng shui success factor.

10 Downing Street

Classical feng shui methods include the use of a clients’ date of birth, along with key magnetic alignments of the home they live in to make determinations about a situation. Mike set out to investigate this relationship using number 10 Downing Street and past Prime Ministers as a research data set.

By studying a number of people in the same building provided an unusual opportunity, as many of the variables that would normally be considered in a feng shui evaluation all stayed the same.

The objective was to see if chue style feng shui calculations could be used to create a model of the length of time a Prime Minister stayed in office.

Downing Street results

You can see for yourself, the result is stunning. The feng shui calculations really do represent the real world situation very well indeed.

Prime ministers days in office
Prime ministers success factors

Repeating the experiment: US Presidents in the Whitehouse

Mike just couldn’t wait to see if the same model could be applied to the time that Presidents had remained in office in the Whitehouse.

Whitehouse results

Again, the results are really quite clear. The calculated results echo real life with uncanny realism.

US Presidents days in office
Presidents success factors


Once the results from these experiments became clear, it pretty much blew Mikes socks off. The clarity of these charts proved to be way beyond anything he was expecting to find.

So how can it be, that the apparently random data derived from someones date of birth, together with a set of building alignments can generate such a clear indication of real life events, rather than the meaningless mess that might be expected? Mike can only conclude that our ancestors who created these systems many generation ago, were far smarter than we might like to think, and that more effort is required to get as much as we can out of the potential that lies within.

Find how you can benefit from the success factor calculations in your own home.