The success factor at home

Matching you with your home

Your success factor reading for you at home is created from a combination of your date of birth, together with the key alignments of the building – so it’s a very personal result.


If your result is in the green zone, you will likely be able to make easy progress with your life’s ambitions.


A low red result suggests making progress might seem to be faced with a never ending series problems and difficulties. Like having all the traffic lights on your journey showing red.


An amber reading is OK – a mixture of both sensations. Sometimes very good and sometimes a bit slow.

Some examples to show how it works

How different people can have a very different experience in the same house.

Susan and Jerry at home

Susan was finding life difficult, and could not make the progress she was used to or expected. Having recently moved into this new home, her success factor readings were bordering on the red – most likely a drop from her previous home.

On the other hand, her husband Jerry was doing rather well, with a reading in the green. This house was a far better match for Jerry than it was for Susan.

Ben and Pat at home

With a home success factor of high amber, getting close to green, Ben was doing very well in his career, providing a good income for his family.

His wife Pat had a clear green reading, and was able to do pretty much as she wanted in life.

The success factor and moving house

People often notice a change in luck, or their ability to make progress, when they move house – sometimes for the better, and sometimes not.

Alex – in house1 and house2

When I first met Alex when he lived in house 1, he was finding progress with his own business quite difficult. A while later, he moved to house 2 where his success factor reading improved. He certainly noticed how much easier it was to get things done in the new house, commenting “I got more done in the first week after moving that I have done in years before”.

Chris – in house1 and house2

Chris was doing really well when I met him first in house 1, a senior company executive with a good career and a home success factor reading well into the green zone.
When I spoke to him again a few years later, he had moved to house 2 and was finding life much more problematic, with finances suffering noticeably. His new success factor reading? – far too red

The best opportunity to use the success factor to your advantage

The home success factor results come from the way your house is built, so the best chance to improve your success factor is when you move house, or when you build your own house

It is always better to check out the feng shui of your proposed new home before you commit to buy or build it.