What happens during a classical feng shui consultation with Mike?

Every feng shui consultant will work in a different way. The classical feng shui style that Mike uses during his consultation is based on the Chue style of feng shui. Just how he goes about his work is outlined here.

Discovery: finding out what is happening in your world

Mike will usually aim to arrive at your home or premises in the mid to later part of the morning. The first thing he will do, is to sit down with you and review your reasons for asking for the consultation, along with any specific objectives that you might have.

After that, he will ask you to show him around your property, so that he can see how you use the space.

Analysis: getting to grips with your feng shui

It will typically take Mike several hours to carry out his survey of your property, and work out the feng shui situation and then put together his recommendations. There is no need for you to stay around while MikeĀ  does his work, unless of course you wish to be there.

During his analysis, you will see Mike walking around and taking a good look at the physical nature of your property. You will also see him taking various compass readings using a Chinese compass. He will put all his observations together and spend time working things out using a variety of charts and sketches.

Recommendations: what you need to do to improve your space

At the end of his work, Mike will once again sit with you to pass on his recommendations as to how you might improve your feng shui to better support your objectives in life. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like. Mike will follow up after a week or two with some notes that give you a written record of the recommendations he made.

People often ask what kind of recommendations he might make. This depends entirely on the unique circumstances that present themseleves in your situation. Typically you might expect him to suggest adding or removing planting in your garden. He might suggest adding, removing or relocating items around the house.

You will find that Mike’s suggestions are entirely in keeping with your own situation, so while changes he might suggest may well attract attention, they will not seem out of place.

The next step is up to you.

If you want to get the best value out of the advice that has been given, you will need to implement the recommendations that have been made.