Feng Shui Consultant Mike Chester

The Feng Shui Engineer

It is perhaps unusual to find the words “feng shui consultant” and “engineer” in the same sentence, but for Mike it makes perfect sense. This is why:

Engineering in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm

Mike grew up in Coventry, always fascinated by engineering and technology. He joined the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm when he was 16 to follow an engineering apprenticeship based on airborne electronics and other high tech systems. During his Naval career, he found himself a member of a gymnastics display team, and eventually a Falklands veteran.

Troubleshooting in Analytical Science

When Mike left the Navy, he began working with complex analytical laboratory systems. He enjoyed working with the cutting edge technologies of the day, and established himself in the eyes of his company’s clients throughout Europe as a troubleshooter, teacher and acknowledged “fixer” of all kinds of problems.

Moving into Feng Shui

Mike sees feng shui, the optimisation of environment to better support people in their goals and ambitions as an engineering problem. It is his ability of being able to “see” a situation for what it is, and then to develop a workable course of action for his clients, that brings the same successes for him in his feng shui career as it previously did in engineering.

In preparation for his new career, Mike spent a number of years studying with world renowned feng shui master Chan Kun Wah and his teachers. Mike is now a graduate of the Imperial School of Feng Shui (London), a member of the Chue Foundation for Feng Shui Research, and an Accredited Consultant of the Feng Shui Society.

In keeping with the concept of Continuous Professional Development, Mike continues to study this intriguing subject with Grand Master Chan as the opportunity presents itself.

Consulting experience

Since beginning his career as a feng shui consultant in 2003, Mike has worked in numerous different situations, including a development of luxury flats and retail areas, a building development of approximately fifty new homes, businesses both large and small from warehouses to home offices, and many clients in their own homes.

Mike is very happy that over the years, many of his clients have very kindly referred to him as a feng shui master. For a number of reasons including respect for his teacher, Mike chooses not credit himself with the title of feng shui master. He is delighted however to be known as the feng shui engineer.

Consulting Style

Mike’s intention is to promote a down to earth and common sense approach to feng shui. While the engine that drives his consultation is based on the complex traditional and classical methods of the Imperial Chue style of feng shui, Mike presents his clients with advice that is clear and easy to understand.

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Working area

Feng shui consultation in London and the southern UK, Cotswolds, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Mike lives near to Thame on the Oxfordshire  Buckinghamshire border. He works mainly in and around the wider London area and the southern part of the UK including Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds and Home Counties.

While Mike is happy to travel to meet his clients wherever they might be, he spends most of his time in London and the southern part of the UK.

Professional Memberships

Chue foundation

Member of the Chue Foundation for Feng Shui Research

Feng shui society

Consultant member of the Feng Shui Society


Forgotten Feng Shui

Forgotten feng shui - buried treasureTo support his own particular vision of how various feng shui techniques can be seen to work in the modern world, Mike has written his first book. You will find this entirely different to any other book written on the subject.

Mike takes a fresh look at the basic concepts of feng shui using his engineering perspective. Uncovering the secrets of Chi, of ying and yang and also the five elements, Mike brings these concepts to life in a way that has not been done before.

Find out how feng shui really works: ForgottenFengShui.com

Mike’s own  feng shui research

Never content with what the various courses have taught him over the years, Mike continues to investigate the workings of the Chue style feng shui methods. His work has led to the development of the Success Factor, which now forms part of his consulting tool kit. He will also currently working on a personal relationship indicator of which details will become available soon.

Feng Shui Success Factor

By using a computer to process far more feng shui data than has ever been done before, Mike has discovered the feng shui success factor, a new and powerful tool that he now uses for the benefit of his clients.

The result of a unique research project based on Prime Ministers and Presidents, the success factor is a simple indicator that shows how much help your home is likely to be in you achieving your goals in life.

The system uses a familiar three colour system. A green success factor indication, suggests that your home will support you in achieving your ambitions – you are likely to progress from one success to the next with relative ease. On the other hand, a red indication suggests that all kinds of difficulties, obstacles and delays are likely to get in your way.

In this example, Julie and David are a couple living together in a typical home: David with a red indication, is struggling with his own business, finding it very difficult to develop things in the way that he would like. Julie has a good green reading, and is getting on really well with her career and is effectively the familly bread winner.

Find out more about how the Success Factor indicator works.

The best time to use the Success Factor indicator is when you are moving house or building your dream home.

Feng Shui Relationship Indicator

Details coming soon