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Advantage through environment

The Feng Shui Engineer

Mike Chester

Feng Shui Consultant Mike Chester - The Feng Shui Engineer


A classically trained and experienced feng shui consultant and specialist.

As a well respected feng shui consultant of many years standing, Mike offers you an entirely unique blend of both classical feng shui consultation and his own research based techniques, to give your feng shui consultation an interesting and powerful twist.



Feng shui consultation

Mike wide ranging consulting skills enable him to offer feng shui consultation in all kinds of different situations.From flats to palaces, private and commercial, large and small. If you are building your dream home, relocating your home or business, or wanting to use a feng shui perspective to improve your home or business premises, Mike can work out a plan to suit you.

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Forgotten Feng Shui

Buried Treasure

Coming soon

Forgotten feng shui - buried treasure

In his first book, Mike takes the thinking behind many of the basic concepts of feng shui right back to basics, showing how the system works and how we might begin to see the world around us from a feng shui perspective.

A totally different take on feng shui and well worth a look. Forgotten Feng Shui

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