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Advantage through environment

Feng Shui Consultation

Our environment is all around us all the time: we can never escape it. For better or for worse, its subtle and usually inperceptible influences rub off on us every minute of every day. In a better environment, people thrive and are more successful.

If you had a choice, would you prefer a better environment around you, or one that was perhaps less helpful than it might be?

But wait! You do have a choice.

Whether you are an individual at home, or an executive running a multinational coproration, a feng shui consultation can help you to gain an advantage and move things forward in your own world, by making the best of the environment around you.


What is feng shui?

Feng shui seeks to understand how people’s lives are influenced by the places in which they live and work.

This knowledge gives us the capability to engineer our places to bring more success in life.

With feng shui, we can create an advantage for ourselves through the optimisation of our surrounding environement.

The Feng Shui Engineer

Mike Chester

A classically trained and experienced feng shui consultant and specialist:

ready to help with your feng shui. More…

Where might feng shui help you most help at the moment?

 A feng shui consulation at home?

Planning to build your dream home?

To give yourself the best chance of creating a good supportive environment, bring feng shui into your thinking while your plans are still in their early stages.

Build in great feng shui from the ground up.

Thinking about a feng shui consultation at home?

Perhaps you are feeling uncomfortable at home? Or maybe feeling that life’s progress is blocked in some way, or you just want life to be better in some way. Your home environment can influence life in many ways, and feng shui can help to show how to change things for the better.

Looking for a new home?

One of the best chances you will ever get, to find a great new home environment. Feng shui can help you to make the right choice.

Trying to sell your home?

If your home has been on the market for a long time and is still not selling,feng shui may well be able to help.

Something else?

Maybe you have something else on your mind? Or would perhaps just like to try a feng shui consultation?

or a feng shui consultation for your Business?

Planning a new construction project?

How many people will be influenced by the project you are now working on? Feng shui can help you to create a better energetic outcome.

Relocate your business into new premises?

A feng shui consultation can help you to select a new business premises will work to support your business into the future.

Want to improve business performance?

Business environment can have an impact on its performance. Improving its environment can help to improve its performance.

Forgotten Feng Shui


Out NOW!

In his first book, Mike takes the thinking behind many of the basic concepts of feng shui right back to basics, showing how the system works and how we might begin to see the world around us from a feng shui perspective.

A totally different take on feng shui and well worth a look. Forgotten Feng Shui

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